This role is needed for ongoing support of health IT that has been deployed in office practices, hospitals, health centers, long-term care facilities, health information exchange organizations, and state and local public health agencies. Preparation for this role will typically require six months of intense training for individuals with appropriate backgrounds.

General Description

Workers in this role design and deliver training programs, using adult learning principles, to employees in clinical and public health settings. 

Suggested Background

The previous background of workers in this role includes experience as a health professional, health information management specialist, or medical librarian.  Experience as a trainer in the classroom is also desired.


Workers in this role will be able to:

  • Be able to use a range of health IT applications, preferably at an expert level.
  • Communicate clearly both health and IT concepts as appropriate, in language the learner/user can understand.
  • Apply a user-oriented approach to training, reflecting the need to empathize with the learner/user.
  • Assess training needs and competencies of learners.
  • Accurately assess employees’ understanding of training, particularly through observation of use both in and out of classroom.
  • Design lesson plans, structuring active learning experiences for users and creating use cases that effectively train employees through an approach that closely mirrors actual use of the HIT in the patient care setting.
  • Maintain accurate records of training events.
  • Maintain accurate training records of the users and develop learning plans for further instruction.