Implementation Support Specialists

These members of the workforce will support implementation at specific locations for a period of time and, when their work is done, will move on to new locations. Workers in this role might be employed by regional extension centers, providers, vendors, or state/local public health agencies, and would work together in teams. Preparation for this role will typically require six months of intense training for individuals with appropriate backgrounds.

General Description

Workers in this role provide on-site user support for the period of time before and during implementation of health IT systems in clinical and public health settings.  These individuals will provide support services, above and beyond what is provided by the vendor, to be sure the technology functions properly and is configured to meet the needs of the redesigned practice workflow.

Suggested Background

Individuals training for this role will have a general background in information technology or health information management.


Workers in this role will be able to:

  • Execute implementation project plans by installing hardware (as needed) and configuring software to meet practice needs.
  • Incorporate usability principles into software configuration and implementation.
  • Test the software against performance specifications.
  • Interact with the vendors as needed to rectify technical problems that occur during the deployment process.
  • Proactively identify software or hardware incompatibilities.
  • Assist the practice in identifying a data back-up and recovery solution, and ensure the solution is effective.
  • Ensure that the mechanism for hardware/software recovery (e.g., data backup or redundant systems) and related capabilities are appropriately implemented to minimize system downtime.
  • Ensure that privacy and security functions are appropriately configured and activated in hardware and software.
  • Document IT problems and evaluate the effectiveness of problem resolution.
  • Assist end users with the execution of audits.