Filling Employers’ Needs for Skilled HIT Professionals

As our nation’s health care transformation continues, the Midwest Community College HIT Consortium is developing highly skilled HIT professionals to meet employers’ needs including these key competencies:

  • Conducting user requirements analysis to facilitate workflow design and develop revised models that support meaningful use for the health care organization
  • Working with staff to implement the revised EHR workflow and resolve problems within the information management model
  • Ensuring backup plans are in place in case of EHR failure
  • Installing and maintaining EHR systems and software upgrades, and providing support in a traditional help desk model
  • Supporting systems security and standards, and evaluating communication processes
  • Interacting with vendors and other sources of information to find solutions to users’ questions, technical problems or support of meaningful use criteria

Training Highly Experienced Professionals

Midwest HIT Consortium students are highly qualified and committed to the advancement of more sustainable HIT. They typically have 10 years or more of experience in IT or health care fields, hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and must meet high standards to be accepted into the program. More than 5,000 students have participated to date, and more than 1,800 have completed the program.

The consortium maintains strong partnerships with regional extension centers (RECs) and workforce investment partners, as well as physician practices, hospital systems and software vendors/consultants, to help connect local and regional employers with qualified candidates who can fill their HIT staffing needs.

Feedback from Employers

“After Geneva Foster completed the Cuyahoga Community College HIT program in January 2011, we hired her to train physicians and staff as an EMR Support Technician. Before the end of her first year, we promoted her to Meaningful Use Specialist. The training she acquired from the HIT program, coupled with her educational and IT experience and her ability to network with IT professionals, enabled her to fulfill the needs of the position she was hired for and demonstrate that she was qualified to take on greater responsibility.”

Brian Kundtz,
Summa Health System Director of IT

Student Snapshot

Robert Reedy had 18 years of experience as an IT consultant and previously worked as a certified paramedic. Seeking an opportunity to combine his IT and medical expertise, he enrolled in the Sinclair Community College HIT program. He is now working at The Ohio State University Medical Center as an Epic Application Support Specialist. “The HIT program provided focused training for career advancement, along with access to a career portal providing additional exposure to the HIT employment marketplace,” Robert says. “We are on the cusp of something big. The market is opening up in a big way for HIT professionals, and the demand will only increase.”